My love letter to photography

I love the hunt. I love scouring the scenery for objects or a scene that would look good on picture. I enjoy circling the object (either with my mind or with my feet), finding for the most impactful angle to shoot. I love picturing various alternatives of how the final picture could look like, and trying to find ways to realize the bests of those.

I love the sniping. I love aiming through my viewfinder and see the scene differently than I did, just a moment before, with my own eyes. I love moving the camera, if only mere millimeters apart, trying to get the click that happens when everything in the viewfinder is just in accord with each other. I love moving the camera again, trying to find another click, another way to compose the elements in my viewfinder.

(I currently use a Sony DSLT with an electronic viewfinder; any changes to the final photo is immediately visible through my viewfinder) I love watching the image build, one aspect at a time, into an image that I admire and enjoy. I love twirling the focusing ring on my (mostly manual) lens, watching the DOF crawl forward or backward (or even back and forth), until I’m satisfied. Clicking the aperture ring is also sometimes necessary, and I get to watch the frame change its sharpness and contrast. Oh, and finetuning the exposure compensation. I love all that.

I am amazed, sometimes, by how much impact a little change can make on the final image.

I hate that awkward moment when I’m torn whether to call it a day. Should I go around once more? Should I wait somewhere for something to happen? I’m not satisfied yet, but the light has gotten so bad (or the place’s buzz has died down)… Maybe I should just go home and start processing my image.. But, is there really no other photo opportunity I can squeeze out of this? Maybe if I wait a little more…. I’m thirsty…. 

I love scrolling through the images in my laptop, and sometimes get annoyed at how differently they turn out compared to what I thought I made. I love criticizing them, trying to decide which to copy to the hard drive and which to leave in the memory card to be formatted later into oblivion, leaving its mark only in the shutter count of my camera.

I love staring at a photo, trying to figure out how to best edit the picture to my liking. I love finetuning and altering the picture with the photo editing application, seeing the image bloom into maturity.

I hate having to upload my pictures and name them, though. I wish there were an easier and simpler way to do that, but I also realize that’s impossible. The pictures can’t organize themselves, and I can’t socialize with other photographers without uploading them.

However, I love watching them march proudly in my photostream, the fruit of a long stream of work. My children.

I am perplexed by how I sometimes see my own image and think of ways I can process the image differently. Sometimes I do that, and it turns out better; and I kick myself for not thinking of it the first time. Sometimes it’s just different, and I get confused which one to keep.

Sometimes I look at my photos and wonder how I took such beautiful photos. Other times I lament at how much I suck at photography, and wonder how on earth can everybody else make their awesome photographs, and when will I ever make photographs as awesome as theirs!

Sometimes I make a picture that I love, that I’m so proud with, yet I think nobody’s going to get this picture! Oh well.

I love browsing other people’s photos. I love it when a picture moves me and makes me committed to do something like that, someday. Sometimes I find a photo so beautiful, yet I don’t think I want to do something like that. Just not my Earl Grey, I guess.

I guess I can say that I love photography :)




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